Solar energy encouraged for new homes to reduce greenhouse gasses
(ABC New, Wed, Jul 18 2001 8:05 AM AEST)

A peak architectural advisory service is calling for all new homes to include some form of solar energy to offset Australia's rising greenhouse gas emissions. Archicentre suggests the Federal Government's first home buyers grant be tied to energy efficient housing.

The idea follows this week's release of figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics which show the use of solar power as a primary energy source has declined from 7 per cent to 6 per cent. The centre's Robert Caulfield says there should be an enforced national program to increase the use of energy efficient designs and products.

"There's no reason whatsoever that we can't be working towards a situation where every new house that's built in Australia doesn't have its roof made of solar energy collecting devices," Mr Caulfield said. "Whether it's solar panels, solar hot water generators, or what ever it might be, technically the amount of sunlight that falls on an average Australian house almost anywhere in Australia during the summer is greater than the energy usage of the house."

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