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Recommendations for a smoke-free Armidale (by the turn of the century?)

Correct operation of wood heaters

According to Environment Australia, testing has shown that the same heater with the same firewood will produce up to four times as much smoke if operated poorly, compared to good operation.

The photo shows a typical amount of smoke emitted for many hours every night by a heater satisfying the latest Australian Standard - AS4013 - when turned down for the night. A single incorrectly operated AS4013 wood heater can produce as much particulate pollution as heating the entire town of Armidale with natural gas!

For more info, check out Dept Env Protection, Perth (The whole document is interesting, or if in a hurry use your browser's FIND command to locate chinaman).

The local council and EPA should also have information leaflets, and be able to offer advice.

Brief info on woodsmoke by Environment Australia
Info on woodsmoke/heater operation by Environment Australia (use FIND to locate the section on Operating a Woodheater)

How are other communities managing the problem of woodsmoke pollution?
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